Appointment Structure

To facilitate development of leadership talent, students appointment system is instituted at class and house level to enable students to develop their executive skills .SIQARAH ACADEMY achieved the position in the RAWALPINDI BOARD of it first academic year,the boys of academy continuously achieved first three position in RAWALPINDI BOARD to ten years. Result of academy always 100%.In the year of 2007 the all students of Siqarah academy get the first grade in RAWALPINDI BOARD.


The Academy has its own code of discipline. The emphasis is on inculcation
of discipline, through motivation and self respect. The approach is corrective and conforms to the
I code of life given by Quran and the Sunnah. Following are strictly forbidden:-
Any type of union or political activity.
Private radios, tape recorders, TV sets, arms and ammunition, knives,
any weapons of offence, cigarettes, niswar, narcotics, pets, heavy cash
and precious items like golden rings etc.
Stay of any guest in the hostel.
Visit of students to the residences of teaching staff.
Shopping and eating outside the College premises.
Familiarization with outsiders.

Special Feature-Pre Cadet Class

We are starting this new class giving admission to Hufaz and weak children specially of persons serving obroad or at out stations. We shall teach three subjects i.e. Maths, Urdu and English giving three periods to each in addition to normal prep classes and games, PT, speeches etc. In Urdu and English one period will be for handwriting one for grammar and one for text. After about three months handwriting period will be used for reading library books of the respective language. They level will be raised, Insha Allah to top seventh class students even if they join us with the previous knowledge of class (II or IV).


The Academy is located within the premises of Dar ul Irfan Munara, on
Rawalpindi-Chakwal-Sargodha Road at a distance of 130 Kilometers from the
country’s capital, Islamabad. Munara, a town of Chakwal District, situated in the hilly
area of Salt Ranges has pleasant climate, being 3100 feet above sea level. It is only 25
Kilometers from the famous tourist resort, Kallar Kahar. It is served by a 24 hours
public transport service plying between Islamabad/Rawalpindi-Chakwal-Sargodha
dropping the passengers at the main gate of the College.